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Interview with Orlando Bloom - June 22, 2004

DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual interview and neither Orlando Bloom nor his management were not involved in the making of this transcript.

Credits: Thanks Holly for contributing a few questions to this interview!


Ena: Hi and welcome to The Lauren and Ena show! Today we have a VERY special guest! (gives a devilish look)

Lauren: He acted alongside Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean, (in a disgusted voice) and his GIRLFRIEND was in Blue Crush! Everyone welcome ORLANDO BLOOM AND KATE BOSWORTH!

(Orlando, all by his lonesome, walks out and politely smiles and waves. He takes the seat next to Ena. Ena squeals)

Orlando: Hello! (whispers) Have any of you seen Kate?

(Ena and Lauren have guilty looks on their faces. Camera cuts to show Kate gagged and bound to a chair in a broom closet)

Lauren: UMMM not at all! Maybe she went to the bathroom?

Ena: Yeah that might be it! Anyway. Let’s start off with a few questions, Orly… I mean, Orlando. What was it like acting alongside Johnny Depp?

Orlando: Oh, it was absolutely wonderful! I’ve always looked up to him, and to work with him was amazing. (glances at Lauren) Are you all right?

Lauren: Oh, Orly, you mind if I call you Orly? Well... my chair seems to be broken... can I use yours?

Orlando: Um, sure... (he starts to get up, but Lauren pushes him back into the seat and makes herself VERY comfortable in his lap)

(Ena is extremely green)

Ena: You’re getting it at the commercial break, Lauren. (clears throat) Orlando, were you uncomfortable being naked on the set of Troy?

Orlando: A little bit, but only because there was a camera there. If there was no camera I’d be very comfortable.

Ena: (smirks and whispers) You know, the cameras aren’t on during the commercial breaks. (Orlando looks at Ena weird)

Lauren: Can I have your children? Oops, I mean… Can I have your autograph?

Orlando: Uhh… sure.

Ena: This one is from Holly in Ohio: "If I jump off a cliff or if someone shoves me, will you save me?"

Orlando: Anytime! You know, once I fell three stories and broke my back…
(Ena interrupts him)

Ena: Well, look at the time! It’s time for Orlando to go. Pleasure meeting you Mr. Bloom! (flying tackle hug)

Orlando: (pats Ena’s back) Anytime, sweetie. (hugs Lauren) It was nice meeting you!

(Lauren doesn’t let go)

Orlando: (disentangles himself from Lauren’s grip) Well I have to go find Kate… where is she?

(Ena runs away to untie Kate while Lauren stares at Orlando)

Lauren: Thanks Orlando for being on the show today... and there you have it; another episode of The Lauren + Ena Show!!