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Interview with Kelly Clarkson - June 22, 2004

DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual interview and neither Kelly Clarkson nor her management were not involved in the making of this transcript.

Credits: Thanks Melissa and Holly for contributing a few questions to this interview!


Lauren: Hello!! Today we'd like to welcome Grammy Nominee Kelly Clarkson to The Lauren + Ena Show.

Ena: Kelly won the first season on American Idol but has quickly moved on to bigger and better things like the Grammies and is now working on her second album! Thankful, her first CD, went multi-platinum and on April 15th, 2003, hundreds of thousands of screaming females banged on the doors of their local CD stores to grab a piece of this incredibly talented girl.

Lauren: I'd like to grab a little MORE than a piece...

Ena: (Hitting Lauren in the head with her notecards) Here she is, folks... Kelly Clarkson!

Kelly Clarkson: Hi guys! (Kelly smiles and Lauren and Ena both fall out of their chairs) Um, are ya'll okay?

Lauren: I think so...

Ena: (lying on the floor) Well, um... so Kelly! Tell us about your new CD. Is there anything we should know about before we buy it?

Kelly: It's pretty different from the last CD since I had more freedom writing it. There's more rock and... Lauren, what are you doing?

Lauren: (On the floor, untying Kelly's left shoe) Oh... checking your shoe size! I saw a pair of shoes that reminded me of you the other day and wanted to get them for you but ya know, I didn't know your size. I'm a terrible fan, I'm sorry.

Kelly: (gets a slightly weirded-out look on her face) No, no... that's fine. Continue!

Lauren: (finishes checking Kelly's shoe size and checks her notecards) Okay, this question is from Holly from Ohio. Is Jelly real?

Kelly: Um, noo. No no no... Me and Justin are just... just friends (tugs on her collar) Is it getting hot in here?

Ena: Come on Kelly, we know you're lying. You can tell us! We won't tell (crosses fingers) THAT many people.

Kelly: Uh... are ya'll gonna do the whole interview on the floor? I feel tall... and I NEVER feel tall.

Lauren: Oh, we'll get up. Whatever you want, you get. (gets up quickly and almost falls into her chair)

Ena: (sitting back in her chair) This next question is from Melissa from New Jersey. Ok... Kelly, if your middle name began with an "f", your initials would be "KFC" like the chicken. Any thoughts on that, even though you initials are really "KBC"?

Kelly: Umm, not really. That would be cool I guess. (thinks: who are these people?!)

Lauren: Next question; have you ever stripped naked and ran around in public?

Kelly: (laughs) Yeah, on a dare when I was in high school. Luckily it was 3am and I don't think that many people were awake.


Ena: Lauren, you okay?

Lauren: (mumbling) Kelly... naked...

Ena: (Covering Lauren's mouth to shut her up) OKAY my turn... does Justin wear boxers or briefs?

Kelly: Boxers, that's eas- I mean, how would I know that?! We aren't... sleeping together or anything! (starts biting her lip)

Lauren: I like my men with boxers...

Ena: Alrighttt; Lauren, your question.

Lauren: So Kelly; how's married life treating ya?

Kelly: It's not so bad, wait... I'm not married!

Ena: Of course you aren't, Kelly! (pats Kelly's leg)

Lauren: I like your ring.

Kelly: (Holding up her left ring finger) Aw, thanks! Justin has great taste in jewelery... except, um... it's not a wedding ring. You see, it was uhh just a ring that Justin gave me and it fit this finger which is why I'm wearing it on my wedding finger even though we aren't married.

Ena: (Stares into space for a few seconds, then jumps and looks back at her notecards) Okay; if you could put any food on Lauren and lick it off, what would it be?

Lauren: Ohhhhhhh God. (starts fanning herself)

Kelly: Who came up with that one?!

Ena: Oh, I dunno. ::cough:: LAUREN! But I'm soo sorry... We're out of time for now. Thanks for joining us, Kelly!

Kelly: Alright, thanks!

Lauren: (gets up and gives Kelly a HUGE hug)

Ena: Lauren, don't strangle the girl!

Lauren: I'm not!! (keeps hugging Kelly)

Ena: Well, that's been another episode of The Lauren + Ena Show... we'll see you next time!