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Kelly Clarkson
Orlando Bloom

The Hosts

About the Show


Here's where you can learn all about the hosts of this show, Lauren and Ena!! They're two online friends who love goofing off and talking about random things.

Hi my name is Ena, and I'm 1/2 of Laurena. I'm from Ohio, I'm 14, and Lauren and I have been chatting for about a year by various things. We always have amusing moments, and we wanted to share them with you, by 'interviewing' celebrities. I love music, the internet, and just basically having fun!

I'm 16 years old and live in Hillsborough, NJ. I love singing and performing. Singing in online competitions is a hobby of mine since I'm online so much! I was the runner up of Chat Room Idol 2 and I'm currently in American Sweethearts Idol, Online World Idol, and the top 5 of Online Idol. I'm an active poster at American Sweethearts but I also like hanging out at Idol Forums and the KCMB. I love writing fanfiction and making websites as well!